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McAdams Greenhouse Inc.

Geranium Cuttings
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 (Sept. 22, 2011) We are booking orders for geranium cuttings.  Price is .57 cents each, .05 cents Royalty on patented varieties*.   5% discount for payment on delivery.

Oglevee Zonals


Patriot Bright Red – Med Red*  Sub for Kim                     

Cotton Candy – Dk. Foliage – Lt. Sal*                      

Evening Glow – Dark Salmon*                                 

Victoria – Red*                                                                     

Melody – Bright Pink*                                              

Sassy – Dark Red*                                                              

W. Languth – Var. Foliage*                                                    


Salmon Chic. – Med. Salmon*                                 

Blue Wonder – Lavender*                                                   

Apple Blossom – Pink                                                         

Statburn – Red Single                                                         

Grossersorten – Pink Single                                                

Tri-Color – Var. Foliage                                                      

Patriot Cherry Rose – Rose Pink*                                      

Patriot Watermelon – Dark Coral*                                     

Shocking Violet – Magenta with White Eye*                     

Candy Rose Splash - Dk. Pink with Neon Purple Eye*      



Ball Zonals


Designer Peppermint Twist – Red & White Bi-Color*

Designer Violet – Violet*

Designer Salmon – Salmon*

Designer Hot Pink – Hot Pink*

Designer Dark Red – Dark Red*

Designer Lt. Pink Sizzle – White & Pink Bi-color*

Designer Bright Lilac – Lavender*

Designer White – White*

Designer Light Salmon - Light Salmon*

Fantasia Pink Shell – Lt. Pink*

Fantasia Coral Improved – Coral*

Fantasia Violet – Neon Purple*

Designer Light Pink – Light Pink*

Designer Bright Red – Bright Red*                                             

Allure Pink Picoten – White with Pink Trim*

Designer Scarlet Red – Scarlet*

Showcase Pink – Dark Pink*

Fantasia Strawberry Sizzle – Neon Rose Pink*

Ivy Leafed Colorcade


Burgundy Ice - Var. Red & White*                                                  

Lilac - Light Lavender*                                                                   

Violet- Violet*

White - White*

Burgundy Improved - Burgundy*                                                   

Red Improved - Red*                                                                       

Ruby - Dark Red*                                                                            

Pink - Pink*                                                                                        

Deep Pink - Salmon*                                         

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